Alphastar Emulsion

DESCRIPTION PURPOSE                                      An economical emulsion paint made from finest

Quality pigments dispersed in modified acrylic copolymer.

Suitable for both previously painted and new surfaces. Idea for walls and ceilings.


  MAIN FEATURES                                                  Can be used on both indoors and outdoors on plaster,

Cement , brickwork, block work, stone asbestos cement, plasterboard, wallboard and wood.

Low cost

No blistering or flaking

Quick drying

Extra protected with DEP


FINISH                                                                    Matt


COLOUR                                                                See ALPHASTAR COLOUR CHAT:


PACK SIZES                                                            4 litres, 20 litres, and 150 litres pack on request



SURFACE PREPARATIO N                                      Ensure all surfaces are free from dirt, loose particle,

 oil grease and other surface contaminants. Ensure surface is not smooth, which may impair adhesion. Newly plastered surface must be allowed to dry for 8-12 weeks before painting. Refer to appropriate surface preparation Data sheet

METHOD OF USE                                                   For brush application, apply two or three coats with

an interval of about two hours between coats. Spray / Roller application: Thin with clean water up to ½ litre to 4 litres of paint

COVERAGE                                                            1 litre of paint will cover approximately 10-12 metres

on smooth non-porous surface and porous rough absorbent surface.

DISCLAIMER                                                                            All information contained in this data sheet, which can be

                                                                                                     Changed without notice, is correct at the time of publication

                                                                                                     The company shall not be liable for any injury caused by

                                                                                                    Improper use to which this product is put to for Health and

                                                                                                     Safety, Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and

                                                                                                     Always follow the caution on the label.

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