TECHNICAL INFORMATION                                Styrene Acrylic based satin Emulsion paint


APPLICATION                                                          ASPE finds application as a decorative satin coating, highly

recommended for interior application on screeded surfaces ,

wood and other less porous surfaces. It is environmental

and human friendly.



Appearance                                                                              Assorted Colors

Finish                                                                                           Gloss

Solvent                                                                                        Water


Drying Time:

Surface dry                                                                                20 minutes at 27⁰C

Touch dry                                                                                   1 hour 30 minutes

Hard dry                                                                                      4 hours


SHELF LIFE (in can)                                                                  18 months minimum


Thinning                                                                                     Does not require extra thinning, as this may reduce the



Surface Preparation                                                              Prepare the surface for application by making sure it is dry,

Free from particles, primed or screeded and smooth. Use Alphastar Putty for best results

Physical/ Technical Data:                                                  

Coverage                                                                                 9.8m²/litre on a porous surface, and up to 16m²/litre on

                                                                                                     Smooth non porous surface


Gloss                                                                                          30 to 40 at 60⁰ angle, using a star Gloss meter


Application Tools                                                                   By Brush/ Roller/ Air-less spray gun


Application Method                                                            Prepare the surface for application by making sure it is dry,

                                                                                                     Smooth and free of dirt and loose particles. Use Alphastar

                                                                                                     Screeding putty for best result.

                                                                                                     Stir the product well before use.

                                                                                                     With roller, brush or Airless spray gun, apply Alphastar Plus

                                                                                                     Emulsion to the surface that needs painting.


Recoating Time                                                                      Allow to dry for 3 to 4 hours before recoating


Packaging                                                                       This product is well packaged in 20 litre buckets, well-sealed from external contamination.


Storage Temperature                                                         Store at room temperature, in well ventilated environment.

                                                                                                     Temperature must not exceed 40⁰C


Precaution                                                                               This product is Non-Toxic , Non-flammable and contains low

                                                                                                      level VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds). For more

                                                                                                     Information on the safe handling, please refer to the Material    

                                                                                                     Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


DISCLAIMER                                                                            All information contained on this website, which can be

                                                                                                     Changed without notice, is correct at the time of publication

                                                                                                     The company shall not be liable for any injury caused by

                                                                                                    Improper use to which this product is put to for Health and

                                                                                                     Safety, Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and

                                                                                                     Always follow the caution on the label.

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