Beauty inspired by colours

Colour is not just a neutral thing. It affects us and how we see our surroundings. Regardless of what your choice colours are, be it warm or cool, there is infinite arrays of colours to play with at Alphastar.

Alphastar Paints Industries Limited (APIL) is a fast-growing modern paints manufacturing company with high quality, unique and excellent paints products. The drive to go the extra mile to achieve this quality has made APIL to become one of the leading paints manufacturers in the Southern part of Nigeria. We offer an array of product lines, which include Emulsion, Excite, and Gloss, Industrial Auto flex, Marine Industrial paints, Wood finish and Putty of different kinds

APIL realized the need to do more and to be uniquely different from others, a desire that gave birth to excellent oriented result.

The use of modern technology which is semi-automated has positioned us as a Multi-product company that offers world class quality and services. The company is committed to the vision of being the undisputed and dominant leader in the construction sector by offering finishes of high quality; reliable products with excellent customer service and visible market presence.


Auto Flex

Luxury automobile quality paints

Gloss Paints

Beauty  and protection

Marine Paints

Protective coating

Wood Finish

Perfect finish with elegant touch

Emulsion Interior

Decorative paints

Emulsion Exterior

Decorative paints


ASPE finds application as a decorative satin coating, highly recommended for interior application on screeded surfaces , wood and other less porous surfaces. It is environmental and human friendly.

What Our Customers Say

Brilliance is when you combine traditional colours with contemporary ones to give a reflection of ancient time yet keeping you abreast of the recent times.
Red, Blue and White gives life to a space.
Garden City Premier business school
Orange slice Yellow colors are the most popular colours used in home paints. From its cream hues to the most dominant acid, it can give you a huge range of effects. It is known to give clean and restful traditional living rooms.
Trans Amadi Gardens
Feminine Soft and sweet, blushing and babyish; Pink is the most popular color for little girls’ rooms. But this versatile color is not just for nurseries.
Pick the right shade and pink can be sophisticated, spirited and cozy.
Mrs. Femi Dinor
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